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Aging is a natural process in human. For most people, during 25 years old, the body begins a gradual loss of collagen, especially women. Aging in women causes hormone disorders and collagen loss. The rate of collagen loss in women is several times faster than men. Therefore, the best way to maintain joint and bone is consumed calcium and collagen. Sufficient collagen maintains the flexibility of joint and prevent wrinkles caused by aging or relaxation phenomenon. In addition, the lack of calcium caused by osteoporosis results in aging and prevents collagen protein from connecting due to bone and calcium. Pre and Post Menopause can cause knee or back pain. Pain in the knee is most likely caused by lack of collagen.

Spine disc or a knee, elbow, etc., joint cartilage also contains large amounts of collagen. Joint pain arises more frequently once soft cartilage starts to degenerate

Calcium and collagen connection the bones accounts for 20% of bone weight, where the remaining 80% is made out of protein.

80% of our heel near the Achilles tendon, are made out of collagen. Therefore, in order to be able to walk without hicks, you need a robust tendon.

In bone formation, adequate synthesis of collagen fibers is of utmost importance to form the body's skeletal framework.

Bio Collagen EX5 collagen firmly retains the loss of calcium and acts like a safety net on bones full of holes. Amino acids in the body can synthesize a small amount of collagen. As we grow older, collagen synthesis starts to deterioration. The best active complement is to cultivate a good habit of daily nutritional intake.

Our skin dermis is build out of 7 layers of collagen. But with age, the ability to synthesis of dermal collagen starts to deteriorate, thus resulting in the hardening of collagen. Skin starts to loose its elasticity and can not retain water. This contributes to the loss of luster and dryness in skin. When our skin can not retain water, it is easy to form wrinkles. In addition, poor metabolism can leave aging spots. Fresh dermal aging collagen supplement can help restore skin elasticity and moisture.

Overweight is caused by our daily dietary intake of too much starch or carbohydrate. The daily staple of people living in Asia consist of rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, bakery, etc.. The intake of too much carbs will lead to overweight. The reason being high levels of sugar. As carbohydrates are digested, enzymes are secreted from the pancreas to break down starch (from carbohydrates) into glucose (sugar). Sugar is then converted into energy during physical activities. The rest are stored as fat for future needs.


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