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Progesterone and estrogen are produced by the ovaries and they are two primary hormones in the women's body. They have an important role in the control of the menstrual cycle of a woman. Gradually it decreaces with the aging process in life. At menopause, the body produces less estrogen and it gets reduced to 40% or 60% of what it was. At the same time, when women no longer ovulate, the production of progesterone decreases to almost zero. Ovulation generates the production of progesterone in the body.

At menopause, the production of estrogen gets reduced and the production of progesterone is almost nonexistent. Basically, menopause occurs when the ovaries stop ovulating, you no longer have menstrual periods and the production of natural progesterone comes to an end. Hormone imbalance becomes quite unpleasant during this stage which leads to menopausal symptoms or signs menopause.

Younger women living in most industrialized countries may have more economical stability, but frequently their lifestyle is unhealthy and they spend most of their time juggling family, career and many other responsabilities! The consequences of hormone imbalance causes early menopause or sometimes premature hormone related diseases. Chronic stress, no exercise, progesterone deficiency because of missed ovulations, drastic diets, overweight or obese, exposure to chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones or HRT, poor diet, heredity and estrogen dominance are all factors in creating this "hormone imbalance" which causes early menopause.

This imbalance can cause a long list of symptoms and signs menopause and causes menopause:

• Weight gain and increased body fat,

• Salt and fluid retention,

• depression, irritability and anxiety,

• Migraines and headaches,

• Mood swings,

• Low sex drive and vaginal dryness,

• Blood clotting and heart problems,

• Memory problems, forgetfulness,

• Hot flashes, night sweats,

• Sleep disturbances, insomnia,

• Urinary tract infections,

• Breast cancer,

With Lobamax Ex5, preventive and relief of the above mentioned symtoms can be achieved with remarkable proven result with the correct dosage listed in the table below:


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