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Healthy Nature Sdn Bhd was founded in 2006.

The core product of our company is Lobamax EX5;

which has been sold in hugh quantities over the years.

At present,the product is highly acknowledged by millions

of consumers, especially women in Malaysia.

Our founders of Healthy Nature are Madam Yata Sachie from

Japan and Mr.Robert Lim of Malaysia.Our company is located at

strategic business centre in Raja Uda,Butterworth district of

Penang state.

Products marketed by Healthy Nature are manufactured under

strict control and inspection.By utilizing the cutting edge facility

automation and complied with GMP & HACCP requirements;our

company manage to obtained:HALAL certificate from JAKIM and

approval certificates from Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Our finished products was randomly screened by

BioChem laboratory for product Safety and Quality Control.To

secure the development of the company in the future, Healthy

Nature has also obtained trade mark of EX5 in Malaysia,

Indonesia and Thailand.

We are determined to fulfill the needs of the consumers by

offering them the best quality,reliable and affordable

products all the time.

Our company welcomes all to participate as agents

nationwide with the intention to build up a wide retail platform

with mutual benefits based on cooperation and harmony.

Healthy Nature strives to develope EX5 market based on Quality,

Customer Satisfaction,Efficiency Improvement and Promotion of

Health for mankind.

Our company adopted a 'Self-Experiencing' marketing strategy to

let the products 'Speak By Themselves' through the power of

'Worthy Words' from our vast satisfactory consumers.

Thanking you for visiting Lobamax EX5.Hope you will have a

Fruitful and Enriching Health knowledge through our

Let us build a Healthy and Joyful Life together!

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